Wrap Repurposed

Wrap Repurposed

wrap repurposed

Beautifully wrapped packages are a big part of the holidays but lead to bundles of waste. Don’t toss all that used paper into the recycle bin! Art Director and budget design specialist Stacy Nelson is here to show us a few creative ways to repurpose gift wrap.

There are SOOOO many ways to put wrinkled paper to use that will save you money throughout the year!


Use wrappings from larger packages as shelf paper. Cut paper to fit the bottom of drawers or shelves. Fold edges to get a straight line and secure corners with thumb tacks. This is great if you have a cabinet, shelf or drawers used specifically for Christmas items.

line drawers


Lay scrap pieces together and tape together on the side with holiday images. Flip over and attach to the wall in your kids room. Provide a few craft supplies and have them invite friends over for an end of the year mural painting party!

free art paper


How great would it be to send a thank you note for a holiday gift in the same gift wrap it came in? If you received a special present from an out of town loved one, send a thank you note with meaning. Use the wrapping paper from the gift they sent to craft a mailing envelope, or to embellish the note card you are writing.

personal thank you notes


Used paper makes fantastic bows that can top gifts throughout the year. Foil paper works great for this! Simply cut used paper into even strips and curl with scissors. Cut used paper into 3 or 4” squares, fold into a V and attach in the center for a sunflower bow. Or make long strips and curl into a rose. Once you make these bows you won’t even know they are made from Holiday gift wrap!

beautiful bows


Don’t throw away the small stuff! A bit of pre-planning now can save you lots of time next year. Use smaller remnants to up-style old holiday decorations by giving them a new face for next Christmas. Cut gift tags from holiday paper to save money on next years supplies. Or make personal book marks using cherished photos that you can give as gifts next holiday season.

scrap crafts


Preserve those holiday classics by covering in Christmas wrap. So easy to fold around the jacket of your books and this instantly lets you know which books are holiday themed!

book covers


Did you capture that special moment of friends or family this Christmas? Then use holiday gift wrap as a background when you give them that special picture. Or cut sizes that fit into your family photo frames and use as backgrounds next holiday season.

photo matting


If you have a long narrow section of paper, then use it to make your own gift bags for next Christmas. Simply lay flat, fold over edges and secure with hot glue or a glue stick. Store away with this years decorations and you will save big next holiday season.

small gift bags


If you are into preserving family memories in scrapbooks, then use pieces of wrapping paper as your backgrounds and borders. No need to buy specialty supplies. You have everything you need in the remnants and leftovers of used gift wrap and ribbon!

scrapbook supplies


A lot of holiday gift wrap has sections that are not specifically Christmas themed. Cut out the holiday themes and use the remaining paper to adorn candles and wrap cans. Images like snow flakes, red flowers and pinecones work all the way through winter.

kick up cans and candles


Use all red and white paper to get ready for Valentines Day. Pretty winter images of snowflakes and reindeer work all the way through March. Whip up a string of festive flags, make origami hearts or craft a beautiful wreath to dress up your home for February.

valentines day designs


Put Christmas paper to work for your New Years Eve party! Silver, gold and red work great for this! Cover everyday placemats with festive holiday wrap for a completely fresh table design. Wrap up coasters in coordinating colors and patterns. Line serving trays for a fresh new party look, and use smaller wrinkled pieces to wrap around wine or champagne bottles to add sparkle to your New Years table.

new years magic


If you don’t want to go to the trouble to repurpose any of your gift wrap, simply shred it! It’s great to use as table confetti for upcoming celebrations or as packing material that will save you money all year long.

if you dread just shread

use those tubesUSE THOSE TUBES!

DO NOT throw away the empty cardboard tubes your gift wrap came on. Cut tubes into 1’ lengths and use to wind up all your holiday lights. Tuck the cord into the open end and you can easily test strands before using next year.

use those tubes img

HAPPY 2015!!!!