Super-charge summertime entertaining with a few must have items that will take your parties from dull to dazzling! These treasures are the perfect way to conjure-up memories of days gone by. Crazy inexpensive, available at your local retailers, and with multiple uses, try these on-set secrets used by professional set stylist for television and special events to keep your parties sizzling well into the fall.



Transport party guest to sunny shores with beautiful seashells. Scatter about a buffet table, fill glass jars or bowls, use large shells as serving vessels for nuts and candy, or use medium shells with jagged edges as place card holders. Nothing says summer fun like memories of a sandy beach!

World Market (package of 25) $19.99



Wake-up your entertaining with vivid & vibrant glassware. Fill with delicious frosty beverages, present individual servings of summer fruit salad, or make delicate floral displays. Parties come alive with eye popping color as guests carry electric hues around the house and yard.

Party City 10 -14 oz $2.99 ea



Bring the romance of flickering flames to long summer nights with inexpensive tiki torches. For a festive floral twist, remove the canister of lighter fluid, insert a 12-16 oz plastic cup and build a drop dead gorgeous floral display. Use the table top variety to hold buffet items like cutlery or napkins, or simply use as a stand to support paper lanterns. Versatile and inexpensive torches are the quintessential summer staple.

World Market 60” $4.99 ea



Fun & festive drink umbrellas come in soft pastels or deep rich colors and make any occasion special. Dress up beverages, insert into appetizers, insist guest place in their hair, or adorn your floral arrangements. This old time novelty makes parties cool, fun and funky.

Party City (package of 25) 99 cents




Capture the essence of the east coast seashore with big blue checks. Save money by purchasing fabric remnants and then simply fold under edges to create a smooth seam. Use as tablecloths, table runners, buffet skirting, or hot glue into a picnic basket to match the fabric piece you’re using as a tablecloth! Blue Gingham print will carry classic style into many special celebrations.

Joann Fabric or Wall-Mart Supercenters 1.99 – 2.99 yd