Red Delicious Re-purposed
Red decor ideas

Let decorations do double duty as beautiful items that adorned your home at Christmas make a grand slam for Valentine’s Day.  Red, white and silver pretties can augment your heartfelt designs while saving you time and money.  Suspended snowflakes add extra punch to a Valentine’s table, as giant red stars make a passionate statement.  Small silver confetti used for New Year’s Eve adds exceptional sparkle to a romantic dinner table.


Lights hearts (Red Delicious Re-purposed)
Light string heart (Red delicious re-purposed)
Silver hearts (Red delicious re-purposed)

It’s easy to fashion a heart from bendable wire, then wrap it with twinkle lights you removed from your Christmas tree.  One big heart of love will sing the warmth of the day and add passionate glow all through the night.  Have bells from winter sleigh rides?  Coil over heart shaped wire, make a few in various sizes, hang from a tree or ledge, and listen as they chime in the February breeze.

Lights (Red delicious re-purposed)


Keep a small tub with several strands of twinkle lights easily accessible throughout the year.  They add glow to your Valentine’s Day, shine to your Easter table, and warmth to your back yard plants and umbrellas for those summer barbecues!

cranberry (Red delicious re-purposed)


Don’t throw away those left over cranberries!  Let the kids’ string into hearts for Valentine fun, or spruce up candle arrangements with these natural red rubies.  Fill a glass bowl with Cranberries, add water and floating candles, weight a red rose in the bottom of a vase and float berries and a candle on top, or scatter atop of your Valentine’s table as an inexpensive alternative to rose petals.  Thread onto a toothpick or cocktail stir stick to embellish that Valentine’s cocktail or champagne.

cranberry martini (red delicious re-purposed)
cranberry-heart (red delicious re-purposed)
candles-floating-in-a-bowl-of-cranberries (red delicious re-purposed)
Cranberry flower cylinder (red delicious re-purposed)


classiques_white_taper_candle_normal (Red delicious re-purposed)
red candles (red delicious re-purposed)
white candles (Red delicious re-purposed)

Keep a hearty supply of candles in red & white as they will set the groundwork for many celebrations; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, July 4th.  Blend with neon hues of yellow or bright green for festive birthday celebrations.  Couple white candles with silver or black for formal anniversary parties and mix red, white, orange, and black for a haunted Halloween!  Candles in all shapes and sizes are available at greatly reduced rates after Christmas and on through spring, so stock up now!


White candles heart (Red delicious re-purposed)

Shape small votive candles into a glowing symbol of love and your Valentine’s heart will dance with the flicker of the flames.   Tie red or white ribbon around tall candles to kick up the wow factor.  Use those stretch bracelets!  Expand and slide right onto candles to add a touch of class or use a broach to hold ribbon in place.  Rethink romantic red and create your own special style from Old English to Kitsch.

white-candles-with-ribbons (Red delicious re-purposed)
Red beads (Red delicious re-purposed)
white-candles-with-ornaments (red delicious re-purposed)
lantern red (Red delicious re-purposed)
red heart (Red delicious re-purposed)
red ribbon (Red delicious re-purposed)


Remember all that RED remaining from the holidays?  REUSE & REPURPOSE!  Let those red Christmas placemats enhance your Valentine’s Day table.  Use leftover ribbon by running several lines down the center of your table to create a pretty table runner, or tie around champagne glasses or wine bottles.  Want to cover your table with hearts?  Print our PAGE OF LOVE stencils, place on top of red paper, leftover cellophane or red fabric, cut out and sprinkle about to electrify your Valentines table.

Candles and hearts (Red delicious re-purposed)
table setting (Red delicious re-purposed)
Table setting wedding formal (Red delicious re-purposed)
Pink roses (Red delicious re-purposed)


If you only need a few flowers to enhance your special occasion, save money and buy individual flowers rather than a full dozen.  Purchasing separately allows you to choose the very best stems for your dollar, and to mix & match flower types according to your liking.  Get even deeper discounts by asking to purchase flowers that have broken stems.  Florist will often sell these at a greatly reduced price.  Cut close to the bud and float in vases, on top of glasses or position on your table.

Flower in cup (Red delicious re-purposed)
Single Red Rose
Red tulips valentines flowers in glass vase
Roses in glasses. Candle in glass
Rose in vase
Tap in to the energy of RED & WHITE throughout the year for anniversary parties, birthdays, showers and weddings!  It communicates PASSION, POWER and PAGEANTRY!
red and white balloons
red balloon
red balloon
red balloon
red balloon
red balloon
red balloon