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Valentine’s Day does not need to be exclusively for romance, it should represent love on every level. If that means kids, friends and family then use this time to make memories and share joy. Carve out a moment to let loved ones know your heart will always belong to them. Plan a day, or just a meal that is fun and heart-felt festive. Include family and friends who may feel left out of this day often associated with pure romance. This is a great way to demonstrate how love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and generations.

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Valentine's Day: fun with food (home is where heart is)

Turn family chow into a memorable meal. Shape morning pancakes into a yummy statement of love, place jelly in a squeeze bottle and draw a heart on morning toast, send them off to school with a heart shaped sandwich or make dinner into a pizza full of love. Just one simple gesture will go a long way to commemorate the day showing loved ones that you care.

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Cookie cutters work great to shape pancakes and sandwiches in lieu of expensive cooking molds but for Valentine’s Day all you need is a sharp paring knife and steady hand. Select a heart size from our PAGE OF LOVE; cut out the heart with scissors, place over the food item and cut around the heart with a knife. In no time you will have custom food fit for Cupid.

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Any meal can be both simple and special. Dress up dinning by using anything you have in RED & WHITE to make a meal that’s full of heart. Let food be your flair! Apples make a big beautiful splash to communicate the color of the day or a simple dish of red strawberries make a heart felt statement. Keep it fast and easy by mixing what you already have with just a few new inexpensive items. Use red ribbon leftover from the holidays as a table runner and red and white Christmas candles add Valentine’s magic. Try an all white table with red flowers in the center, or go country red & white check for that down home feel. Scout your house and you will be amazed at what you will find to carry the style.

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Let your garden do double duty! Bring in that beautiful red begonia from the garden, place in a red or white pot, and use as your Valentine’s Day centerpiece. Purchase a flat of lovely red anemones to use on your table now, then plant in the garden later to enjoy throughout spring. Always have at least two uses in mind before you buy anything new and your dollars will stretch into savvy savings.

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Pink is a beautiful alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day red and there are countless shades and color combinations to choose from. For a fresh and joyful style mix soft pink with shades of green or white, go stately and dramatic by blending pink with black or mix hot pink with purple or orange to get a taste of the tropics! Nothing says you must stick with traditional red & white. Let your personal passion flow this Valentine’s Day to design a day of love as unique as you.

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Throw a party sure to please everyone by presenting a Valentine’s Day Candy Buffett. Let the kids invite their friends over after school, fill bowls, jars and glasses with pink, white and red delights. Place a small scoop and mini favor bags on the table and let them dig in! Use Animal Cookies, Jelly Beans, Good & Plenty’s, Candied Almonds, Red Vines, or any sweet treat that keeps with the color scheme. A Candy Buffett will warm the hearts of kids of all ages.

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