Thanksgiving tricks and tips

Place cards can be as formal, or as casual as your own Thanksgiving style.  Instead of spending a lot of money to buy printable note cards, or expensive holders, search what you already have on hand.

Make a Thanksgiving goose to hold your guests name!  Using your bread plate as the base, cut a yellow squash in half to make a flat surface, insert cloves for eyes and place a fan folded napkin behind.  Use a push pin to tack your place card to his neck.


The beautiful leafs of the fall season make excellent place cards!  Use a felt tip marker, even one in silver or gold, and simply write your guest name on the leaf.  Collect pinecones, clean well and use nature’s natural Thanksgiving place card holder.

Thanksgiving name cards Thanksgiving place cards Thanksgiving place cards Thanksgiving place cards


If you have wine corks lying around from your last dinner party, put them to work!  Cut length wise removing a piece to form a straight bottom.  Make a slit on the opposite side and slide in a small card with your guest name written on it.

Winecorck place cards


Food from gourds to pares, cookies to zucchini make fun and unusual name cards.  Grab items you can use the following week in your recipes, or bake up a batch of goodies your guests can take home to enjoy later.

Food placecards Apple place cards Pumpking place cards Wrapped cookies place cards