products with plenty of purpose

After years of shooting television programs in remote locations, with limited or NO access to a store, we have uncovered unusual uses for products.

Try these TRASH LASSIE tricks of the trade to make your life easier, cleaner, better and brighter!


Rub over residue left by price tags and labels to remove the sticky goo
Place a sheet in storage boxes to absorb mildew and keep items smelling fresh
Place in tissue paper and lay among the pages of old books and photo albums
Lightly wipe over computer and TV screen to eliminate static electricity
After cleaning shower doors, wipe dryer sheet over clean glass to resist soap scum build up
Lay over the center rod on your hanger before hanging up your winter coat
Lay within sheets and blankets after laundering, before placing in the closet
Insert a new dryer sheet into a new vacuum bag before placing in vacuum
Place in luggage before storing
Place a new sheet in luggage before you pack to keep clothing fresh while traveling
Lay a sheet at the bottom of the kid’s toy chest
Insert into handbags that you are not using
Rub over thread before sewing to keep thread from tangling
Place one in the bottom of trash can before placing a trash bag
Rub on hairbrushes and combs to control flyaway hair


Run between two nails on back of frame to hang a picture
Repair mesh netting on furniture
Use as a heavy thread to replace big buttons or secure large seams
Slide under cookies to remove from a cookie sheet
Pull tight and use to cut cheesecake into clean slices
Pull through the open hole of a zipper, wrap around your hand to pull up a snug zipper for tight fitting clothing
Gather ribbon for bows and tie together with dental floss for a tight secure center


A great inexpensive silver polish
Softens scratches on glassware
Removes crayon from flats… and walls
Removes ink from cotton clothing
Cleans piano keys
Fill holes in drywall
Takes scuff marks off leather shoes



Rub over nails and screws for easy insertion into wood and walls
Rub onto zipper to ease movement
Lubricate drawers
Remove squeaks from hinges
Ease movement and squeak from windows
Prevent car battery corrosion, apply to terminals
Rub on leather shoes and buff with cotton cloth
Rub on a cloth, then apply to face to prevent wind burn
Remove a ring stuck on your finger
Stop bleeding by rubbing over cut or nick
Rub on forehead and around face to prevent hair die from coloring skin