New Year


Balloons$100 NEW YEAR’S EVE

Happy New Year!



Don’t let a strict budget keep you from ringing in the New Year in sparkling fashion!  Follow these simple steps, and party outline, and you can host the STYLE event of the year!


THINK…silver, gold, black and white!  Stick with this color palette to create a stunning environment.  Follow this rule for everything from décor to napkins, horns to clothing.



Leave up your holiday tree and garland but remove all the ornaments and decorations except for items that are silver, gold, black or white.  Use ribbons or bows that came on packages in those colors and attach to your greenery.  Separate your ornaments and make one large bowl of bulbs.  You can use all one shade, or combine all your silver, gold and white together.  Raid your jewelry box, closet and drawers, gather jewelry, scarves and any pretties in these colors to use as decorations.

Decorating for New Year!Decorating for New Year's Eve!Decorating for New Year! Decorating for New Year!


Curl white paper into horn shapes, tape at the small end and stick into the tree.  This will create a fun Mardi gras effect.  Hang white snowflakes or silver stars. Attach with thread or fishing line and use push pins to stick into the ceiling.  Hang as many as you have, or can fit within your budget.

Decorating for New Year Paper Show Flakes

Candles give the event that special glow!  Use everything you have in silver, gold, black or white.  Add extra shimmer by placing them in front of a mirror.  Create a little Phantom setting by using an empty frame, (see above) and placing candles in front and behind.   If you have paper lanterns leftover from that back yard party, break them out!

Silver and gold CandlesSilver and white decorationsDecorating for New Year's Eve partycandles


Control your visual spectrum by requesting all your guests arrive in SILVER, GOLD, BLACK or WHITE attire.  Any style will do, casual to formal.  This is THE time to ACCESSORIZE!  Try adding super sparkly silver & gold jewelry to black jeans and a crisp white blouse, or break out that leopard print camisole!  Use holiday ornaments as crazy big earrings.   Use scarves in the color palette to dress up you and your event.  Try tying them around chairs or use as table runner.

Jewelry for New Year's partyAttire for New Year's partyNew Year's eve attiregold blouseSilver and gold skirtGlobe

Champaing and glasses decorated for New Year's Eve partyBEVERAGESchampaign glasses

Think simple but classic…champagne, sparkling cider, club soda.   Warehouse stores and markets have great deals this time of year on party refreshments, so shop for the best deals!  If you would like to add one additional liquid pleasure to the mix, try mixing 3 parts club soda to 1 part cranberry juice.  This makes an inexpensive, yet refreshing and delicious addition to your party drinks, and is a festive favorite for those designated drivers!

The budget allows…champaign bottle and glasses
6 Bottles Champagne
4 Sparkling Cider
2 Two-liter Club Soda


We estimated Cristalino at $6.50 per bottle.  This is a VERY GOOD sparkler and superior value and excellent drinkability.  If you would like to slightly increase your budget try Freixenet Bruit Nature (aprox $9) dry & smooth with mineral complexity, or Martini & Rossi Prosecco (aprox. $12.99), a lovely blend of bread, fruity peach, apple, and melon.



When it comes to munchies think fun & festive, finger food.  This eliminates the need for utensils and forces guests to get into the atmosphere by using their hands.  Since you will be serving champagne be sure to have hearty food to absorb alcohol.  Try these tasty treats or serve up your own festive favorites.


The budget allows…
3 Appetizers
2 Dessert Nibblers



This festive firecracker adds decoration to your party as well as delicious sparks to your taste buds.  Use your own medley of cheese and fruit, for the best deals design around what your local market has on special.  All variations of this kabob will create a pretty and palatable appetizer.

1 lb Cheddar Cheese
1 lb Jack Cheese
1 Bunch Grapes
1 Mellon (Honeydew or Cantaloupe)
20 wooden skewers

Cut melon in half.  Carve fruit from one side carefully to leave half circle in tact.  Turn upside down on a platter.  Cut melon, strawberries, and cheese into one inch cubes.  Thread onto skewers.  Leave enough room at one end to stick into the half melon, and room at the other so guests can hold freely.



Fresh and beautiful this will fill up your guests, and make a beautiful serving tray.  The better the quality of olive oil you use, the richer this little treasure becomes.  You can sprinkle a little dried rosemary or thyme on top if you have some on hand.

Italian or French loaf
2 Firm ripe tomatoes
Fresh basil leaves
Extra Virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

Dice tomatoes and separate basil into single leaves or small sprouts.  Cut bread into ½ inch slices.  Toast under a broiler until golden brown.  Top toasts with tomatoes, add a bit of the basil, and drizzle with olive oil just before serving.


LAVA CIRCLES Food for New Year's Eve party

This yummy snack fills the tummy and tastes fantastic!  This is often done with tortillas, but try it with Lavash and Feta for a new international twist.  This recipe makes plenty to go around so no one leaves hungry.

1 Package Lavash
1 lb Feta
8 oz Cream cheese
12 oz Turkey deli style thin sliced
Leaf Lettuce

Lay Lavash out flat, spread cream cheese out to about ¼” from the edge.  Lay turkey on top.  Crumble Feta and sprinkle on opt of turkey.  Place lettuce on top and roll into tubes.  Cut into ½ inch rounds and place on serving platter.

cookieschocolate dipped marshmallowsMACAROON & MARSHMALLOW MAGIC

As beautiful as they are delicious, these two sweet treats will give the perfect punch to the midnight hour.  Use store bought Macaroons or bake up a batch of your own.  Top Marshmallows with what you have on hand, coconut, chopped nuts or crumbled gram crackers.

24 Marshmallows
1 Bag Semisweet Chocolate Chips
7 Tbs Toppings (nuts, coconut, graham crackers)

Melt chocolate, dip top of each marshmallow into chocolate.  Allow excess to drip off before turning right side up and place on platter.  Finely chop nuts, or crumble gram crackers and sprinkle on top.  Place in a cool dry place for 20 minutes for chocolate to set.


It’s easy to capture that special event magic with inexpensive effects you can use at home.  Confetti now comes in sticks called FLUTTER FETTI available at most party stores.  Simply wave the wand and confetti flies!


A make at home balloon drop only requires TULLE fabric or netting, fishing line, and long push pins.  Purchase as many yards of fabric as the length you want the balloon drop to span.  Lay out the fabric and fold in half.  Secure each end by folding several times and stapling together with a common paper stapler.  Run the fishing line close together through the holes in the TULLE or netting.  Leave an opening to push the balloons through once you inflate.  Inflate balloons and push into the opening in the net.  Do not over stuff the bag.  Once the net is filled, finish running the fishing line through the net.  Allow an extra foot of line to hang at the end but do not secure to the net.  Turn the bag upside down and attach to the ceiling with X-long push pins, or tie the balloon bag to a balcony railing.  Once the bag is in place run the fishing line down to the location where you will pull from to release.  Then cut from the spool. balloons

To release the balloons pull the fishing line smoothly and slowly as not to tangle the cord or disturb the attachment to the ceiling.



$10.00        4 Sparkling Cider
$40.00        6 Champagne

$5.00          40 Balloons
$2.50           8 Horns

$3.00           1 lb Cheddar Cheese
$3.00           1 lb Jack Cheese
$2.50           1 Bunch Grapes
$2.00           1 Mellon
$2.00            Wooden Skewers (party store 100 $1.99)

$2.00           French bread
$2.00           Tomatoes
$3.00            Basil
$4.00            E.V.O.O.

$2.00             1 lb Feta
$1.00              8 oz Cream cheese
$2.00              Lavash
$3.00             12 oz Sliced Turkey
$1.00              Lettuce

$2.00             Large Marshmallows
$2.50             Semi-Sweet Chocolate
$2.00             Coconut
$3.00             Macaroons (store bought)

$99.50           TOTAL!!!!


$5.00          40  Balloons
$5.00          Tulle Fabric or Netting
$7.00          Fishing Line
$2.50          X-Long push pins
$19.50       TOTAL
$2.00ea      FLUTTER FETTI


Click here to download and print the New Year’s Scroll