toys of terror

With the success of Annabelle…nothing is scarier than creepy dolls!


Let them lurk in the dark corners of your home. Use old dolls, even ones missing limbs work great! Turn them into disturbing Halloween visitors by burning their skin, greening the eyes, adding scrapes and bruises. Or use just the head, sphere with a stake and make a line of heads leading to your door.

toys of terror dolls of doom


Use toys and dolls for food presentation. Go “not so scary” and pull the head off a toy dog and stuff with breadsticks or fill a plastic monkey head with guacamole or jalapeños. Go all out disgusting! Layer lunch meat over a skull head and make guests peel away layers to top crackers. Go full bore gore and make a Tasmanian devil using a small skull, mini hot links and full slabs of ribs for the wings!

toys of terror platter play


Serve up party drinks in the guts of a baby dolls belly! Remove the head of a rubber doll. Insert a tall shot glass right down into the body cavity. Fill shot glass with a red party drink and insert bendable tubing. Guests can suck on the tube throughout the party! Or take a doll apart at its limbs and reconstruct parts around plastic party glasses. Turn whatever you have on hand into a fantastic Monster Mash that will keep your guests talking!

toys of terror baby doll drink

happy halloween