Make at home and save BIG

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make blood at home

Blood sold at Halloween stores is a great way to kick up costumes and enhance party props, but it’s easy to make professional quality EDIBLE blood right at home with Caramel Ice Cream topping and food coloring.

make blood at home


Simply mix caramel topping with a few drops of red food coloring!



halloween partyware

Themed serving dishes can be costly, and at the end of Halloween you’ll have to store these bulky items for an entire year. Simply elevate your everyday bowls and platters by using inexpensive stickers!

halloween partyware

Place Halloween stickers right on everyday serving dishes to make themed party ware!

haunted house curtains

Great way to magically transform your home into a chilling chamber of horrors but a single curtain costs $24.99. With just a little effort you get the equivalent of 33 curtains for $22.97!

haunted house curtains roll

Roll out black plastic sheeting (sold in large home improvement stores)
Leave about 8” uncut border at the top
Using a mat knife, cut slits in varying widths all the way down to form a shredded curtain
Hang in position and cut the bottom at varying lengths



yard ghosts

Ghosts are nothing but white fabric with simplistic stick on eyes and mouth.  Use old sheets or scrap fabric and with minimal supplies you can create three for 1/3 of the cost.

yard ghosts

Use scrap white fabric or old white sheets.
Place a tomato cage on the grass or cut old tiki torches (remove fuel canister).
If using torches cut in varying heights (2’-3’) and insert into grass.
Attach a bundle of plastic grocery bags stuffed into each other or round ball to top of torch.
Measure from the top of the head to the grass and allow an additional 2-3”.
Spread white material over base and center / spread out excess fabric to create a ghostly effect at the bottom.
Use a sharpie to draw on two eyes and mouth or cut out black construction paper and glue into position.



giant spider

The only thing more frightening than a giant spider is the price!  Purchase a 4’ arachnid for $60 or make one using trash bags, twine and plastic party cups for next to nothing!

big bag spider


14 Large black trash bags
Black tape or dark colored pipe cleaners
Thin wire (optional)
Plastic cups or red paper for eyes and mouth
Stuffing material (newspapers, bubble wrap, packing foam, leaves from your yard)

Stuff 1 black trash bag ¾ full of crumpled newspaper (or any type packing material; foam, bubble wrap, leaves from your yard)
Gather excess bag at the end and tape closed with black tape
Stuff 1 black trash bag ¼ full of crumpled newspaper (or other packing material)
Gather excess bag and tape to close
Attach the two bags tightly together at ends and tape or wire together

Lay 3 bags end-to-end overlapping by about 10 inches
If using wire for bendable legs lay wire on top of bags and cut to the same size.
Roll up tight lengthwise and tape at ends and at the area the bags overlap.
Make additional synch points along the leg to emulate a spider’s leg joints and to keep the bags rolled snug.
Make four long legs.
Cut four small slits along one side of the spider body, low and close to the ground.
Do the same on the other side matching the approximate slit positions.
Thread the legs in one of the slits, weave through the stuffed bags, and pull out the slit on the opposite side.
Bend all the legs UP at the body and bend down to replicate a spider legs.

Cut 3 red plastic party cups approximately 3” from the bottom.
Glue or tape 2 close together for eyes and 1 underneath for mouth
Place him in your house or right in the front yard to greet trick-or-treaters!



mad science lab

You CAN stage a cool laboratory experiment without paying pharmaceutical prices!  Cut tops off of empty 32oz plastic sports drink bottles and 16oz water bottles.  Position on an ascending base covered in black fabric.  Re-fill containers with colored liquid and run flexible plastic tubing from container to container.  Add a little dry ice for the full mad science lab experience!

mad science lab


Boxes or baskets of various heights
Black scrap fabric
6 – Plastic water bottles
3 – 32 oz sports drink bottles
2 or 3 measuring cups (optional)
Various colored sports drinks or water and food coloring
Flexible plastic tubing
Mat knife
Dry ice (optional)

Turn boxes or baskets upside down
Loosely drape black fabric over base

Cut empty bottles at the funnel (drinking end) at various heights
Position bottles moving up and down the base
Fill at varying levels with colored sports drinks or add water and 2-3 drops of food coloring
Measure distance between bottles
Cut tubing adding 3-4” per length
Run tubing in all directions allowing to curl and twist

Have small chunks of dry ice standing by and drop into bottles throughout the night

 Have a Safe & Spooky HALLOWEEN!

have a safe and spooky halloween