can with eyeScary and Halloween themed food is THE way to kick your Halloween party to a whole new level.  Try one or two of these easy to make recipes that will make your guests think twiceabout just how hungry they really are!


EAT UP!  I just love these easy to make and super nasty Halloween snacks.  Simply break Grahm crackers at their smallest perforation, place in the center a square of marshmallow fluff or white cake frosting, then add a dollop of red cake jell or red raspberry jelly.  Really easy and the kids will love to eat the gore!

VEG-KIN   carretts1

For a super easy way to turn vegetables into a Halloween treat simply start with a round platter and use small serving dishes rather than a large bowl for dip.  Position the small dishes on the platter to represent eyes and a nose then fill-in with mini carrots.  Cut cucumber, or squish into half rounds, and place in a line to form a mouth.  Position parsley or broccoli at the top of the platter to represent the stem.  In no time you have an exceptional vegetable platter in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.

                                            brain   SLIMY SNACKS

An inexpensive and perfect way to make nasty food is with easy gelatin.  Jell-O molded into a human brain, eyeballs or human body parts are a fantastic way to dress up your Halloween table.  For a realistic effect, use light reds like Mixed Fruit or Watermelon.  For a festive colorful creation try Margarita or Lime.  To Up the Nasty factor, serve on a bed of jelly or berry preserves and lightly spread some of the jelly on top of the molded creation, allowing it to seep into the folds of the brain or all over the fingers of the hands.  Use a paper towel to dab the excess so plenty of brain matter shows through.  Place a serving spoon near by, and watch your guests DIG IN!

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Have a Tasty Halloween!

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