halloween decorating instructions 




material ghouls

White fabric (old sheets, tablecloths, curtains)

Wooden steak or tiki torch (canister removed)

10 Plastic grocery bags or old soccer ball

Black felt or fabric


Insert steak or tiki torch into the ground

Stuff one plastic grocery bag with 15-20 other plastic bags

Tightly tie the bundle of bags to the top of the torch (or attach a round object to form head)

Lay the fabric over the pole with the bags or ball and cut to the length you want you ghost to fly

Take the black felt and trace 3 elongated circles (2 for the eyes and 1 for the mouth)

Cut out the circles with scissors

Attach with glue or double stick tape to form the face of the ghost


Big Bright Betty, Bag a Ghoul and Big Bag Spider SEE BELOW!





 Real or artificial pumpkins can be used for any of these jack-O-lanterns


big bright betty

Cut off the top of the pumpkin

(If real) clean well

Count the bulbs on 1 or 2 strands of holiday lights

Place X marks (or push pins) around the pumpkin to equal the same number of lamps

Measure width of the light socket and drill (or use hole punch) to make holes

Test the first hole to make sure the socket fits securely into the hole

Make a hole at each mark

Make one additional opening in the back bottom section of the pumpkin for the cord to snake through

Run the cord out the back and start inserting lamps through the holes


led larry

Clean and carve a traditional pumpkin

Replace a standard candle with a color changing LED light


whirling willie

Buy a large variety of Glow Sticks and Glow Wands in various shapes and sizes

Open packages and measure the various sizes (DO NOT CRACK TO IGNITE STICKS)

Make X marks around the circumference of the pumpkin to match the stick sizes

Drill holes and carefully insert each stick

30 minutes before Trick or Treaters or guests arrive; crack each stick to start the flow of glow

For added fun place on a turn table or lazy Susan and watching it spin!


pumpkin mirror ball

Cut off the top of a pumpkin and clean well

Drill random holes around the circumference of the pumpkin

Use a high powered LED PUCK LIGHT

Attach a string around the side edge of the light (just use heavy duty tape for this)

Make sure the lamps are facing to the side

Puncture a hole through the top of the pumpkin

Run string up and out the top

Secure with glue or tape


To start the mirror ball effect

Wind up the string tightly and drop into the pumpkin

Turn off the lights and watch as the pulsating mirror ball effect is projected onto your walls!






glass of gory

Arrange clear jars with lids in staggering heights

Fill with plastic Halloween props or real animal organs

Add water and 2-3 drops of food coloring or use G-2 or PowerAde in vivid colors



platter play

Use plastic kid’s toys as serving centers

Remove the heads form plastic toys and fill with bread sticks

Cut a hole in the head of larger toys to serve condiments


Use a jig saw to make a hole in the stomach of a plastic baby doll

Clean out well and line with aluminum foil

Fill with salsa, guacamole or cheese


platter play







  • 8 tea bags
  • 3 cups hot water
  • Ice (2 cups, or allow tea to cool)
  • 1 roll white paper towels
  • White or tan thread
  • ¼ cup strawberry preserves


  1. Boil water and add tea bags.  Let steep until water is dark brown.
  2. Remove teabags from water and set aside for use later.
  3. Add ice to tea to cool or let sit until room temperature.
  4. Unroll thread and triple it to make it thicker and stronger.
  5. Cut thread into 12 lines of 8 inches each, and set aside.
  6. Unroll paper towels to approximately 2 feet in length (3 to 4 full size towels).  Repeat 4 times and stack each line of towels on top of each other.
  7. Roll the towel layers length wise to form a long tube.
  8. Tie each end with a pre-cut line of thread.  Tie snuggly but do not cinch too tight.
  9. Tie at 3 additional locations along the line.  (This holds the towels together and creates folds in the intestines.)
  10. Repeat process 3 times to make 3 long towel tubes.
  11. Pour the tea into a 9 x 13 baking pan, or a long flat dish with edges to hold the liquid.
  12. Place each towel line into the tea bath.
  13. Bend and twist, if needed, to fit into pan of tea.
  14. Allow to soak up the brown liquid for approximately 30 seconds.
  15. Squeeze out excess liquid and place on platter to dry.
  16. Curve back and forth to create a tight S shape pattern.
  17. Repeat with remaining towel lines.
  18. When adding the next line of towels to the platter, slightly open towel line at one end and wrap around the previous line.
  19. Slightly pinch together the wet towels to form a connection.
  20. Once all intestines are on the tray, cut open one of the used tea bags and sprinkle some of the used, wet, tea leaves on top of the guts.  This gives great texturing.
  21. Allow to dry for approximately two hours.
  22. Open the strawberry preserves and spread over the guts to give a shiny, slimy appearance.  Add blood as desired.




curtain of doom    (Make all props below with black garbage bags)

Cut a trash bag along each side to form a long strip

Cut slits in the plastic vertically 1-2” apart

Leave a 4-6” border at the top (this is where you will attach)

Hang over walls and in doorways


bag a ghoul

Fill one trash bag 2/3 full using news papers, packing materials, old blankets

Stuff last years Halloween mask or head with paper or plastic bags

Place the bag in the position and insert a wooden dowel or pipe into the bag

Allowing it to protrude 6-8”

Nestle the head right on top of the dowel or pipe

If you have plastic hands or gloves attach them ½ way up the bag



big bag spider

Fill one trash bag 2/3 full for the body (Stuff with old packing supplies / newspaper / leafs form the lawn)

Fill another 1/3 full for the head

Connect tightly together with pipe cleaners or thin wire

Lay 3 or 4 bags end to end and overlap by 4 or 5” (can add thin wire for bendable legs)

Roll tightly length wise

Tape or tie at the overlap points

Do this 3 more times to make 4 long legs

Make 4 small slits on each side at the under belly of the spider’s body

Feed the legs in to the slit on one side and coming out the other

Make 3 circles out of red felt or cut the bottoms from plastic party cups

Attach 2 up high on the head for the eyes and one for the mouth with glue or double stick tape




 have a ooky spooky halloween