To Fire-Up Your 4th of JULY!

Here are a few crazy fast ways to up-style your 4th of July using items you may already have lying about the house.

beauty from burlap

Have any scrap burlap? You can quickly conjure up a bit of rustic-old world American style. Wrap bottles or jars and have the kids draw on patriotic designs. Create a festive table runner. Cut a long strip and run ribbon down each side. Use heavy markers or paint pens to write right on the burlap.

burlap covered jars rustic table runners

bandanas with bang

Turn those red, white and blue bandanas into perfect party decorations. String into a garland by folding over a thin cord or simply tie end to end. Wrap utensils and tie with twine and use in place of linen napkins.

bandana garland use as napkins

jeans for july

Cut out pockets of those old jeans and turn everyday utensils into signature party gear. Package each guest’s cutlery into one convenient pocket purse. Or place the evening’s line up of food and festivities onto a handy menu. Simply cut pockets away from old pants and be certain to leave the seams in tact!

pocket purse menu packs

cupcake sleeve salute

Have red, white or blue cupcake liners? Then whip up some fast, fantastic decorations. With a little wire or string, you can instantly have beautiful July 4th sizzle. Flatten liners, print letters from you home computer, cut and paste right into the center. Attach with wire or paperclip to a string or chain. Or make a wreath by using bendable wire. Thread through the bottom of each cupcake liner, nest about an inch apart and curve into a circle and hang.

july 4 garland patriotic wreath

ribbon to the rescue

Turn household items into instant July 4th style with scraps of ribbon. Use all shades and patterns of red, white or blue. Serve up party snacks in everyday paper bags dressed in their Independence Day best. Cut the top with pinking sheers to create a scallop top and glue ribbon right around the upper edge. Accent with construction paper cutouts, stickers or patriotic labels.

vase and candle accents snack bag beauty

taped tribute

Dig through garage, junk drawers and craft supplies to find ANY tape in red, white or blue. Quickly transform bottles, jars and vases into patriotic pride with any type of colored tape. Kick-up the crafty by cutting patterns. Simply peal off tape and lightly stick to wax paper. Cut patterns then remove from waxed paper and stick right on your vases, jars or flower pots.

wrap around jars cans vases decorate pottery

everyday independence

Now pull everything together by up-styling a few everyday items. Raid your cupboards, kid’s toy chest and holiday decorations. You’re looking for anything red, white or blue to serve as your personal party style. Use that red tablecloth from Christmas. Add flowers to a red, white or blue watering can or funky cheese grader. Use a blue sand pail and the kids red wagon is perfect for a party serving station.

everyday independence pic

red white blue stars