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Easter is the time to break out color!  Use natures treasures blended with pastel pretties to present a sensational springtime table.  Pull the radiance of your garden inside to bring new life into your home.  Get creative & crafty by adding sweet treats of the season to your centerpiece.  Whether you are serving up an elegant brunch for twenty, or a simple Sunday supper for the family, HOP-UP the fun factor and create an Easter to remember.


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As beautiful as it is delicious, fruit works great as a rich addition to your spring floral arrangements.   Citrus fruits left whole make excellent anchors to support loose flowers, or slice them up and let their rich flesh shine through the gleaming glass.  Mix and match vivid greens, yellows, and oranges with soft pastels, or deep rich hues to sing in spring with fresh fabulous floral design.


Look for fruit that’s on sale and plan your décor around the weekly special.  Everything from lemons to blood oranges, Key limes to tangerines, work great to add spring freshness to your Easter floral fantasy.

Crafty with Easter candy

Bright colorful Easter candy is perfect for using as decorations.  M&Ms, Jelly Beans, Robins Eggs, and even PEEPS make fun-tastic vase fillers!  Start with an empty vase, add a glass jar to the center, (this will be what you fill with water to hold your flowers).  Build your candy design around the glass in the center, then fill the center glass with water and add your flowers.  You have a creative centerpiece worthy of Peter Cottontail!

Mix and Unmatched Magic

Spring is the perfect time of year to pull out EVERY colorful serving dish and plate, playful platter and all assorted shades of linen.  Easter is THE holiday to let your colors fly in each and every pretty pastel you own.  Tie everything together with a centerpiece that gathers all the lovely shades, or use a single color floral display to add richness to the design.  Mix and match place settings and accessories, and tie everything together with a solid table runner or matching napkins.

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Dust off those ceramic figurines, colorful bottles, porcelain knickknacks, and classic Kitsch collectibles living in your cupboard throughout the year.  That one of a kind item that does not match your daily design style, this is the time to use it!  Tea pots, pitchers and bottles as vases, piggy banks to classic Lladro.  Use a single shade of ribbon or flowers to unite and let it all shine as festive spring table wear.

Easter decorations


Heirloom Elegance

Happen to have Grandmothers china or family crystal… then let it take center stage as your Easter best.  For a graceful setting use only one or two colors in varying hues with traditional dinner wear, or mingle turn of the century place settings with modern accessories to capture your own unique style.  Make it dramatic by blending black & white with pink, or add modern touches like large leafs under plates or bowls, try blending antique pieces with pacific rim elements to capture an eclectic style that’s all your own.

Easter decorating ideas. Easter day table setting


Use what you have!  Raid your refrigerator, pantry, and fruit bowl for beautiful decorations.   Apples, limes, pears and even asparagus make for excellent table decor.  Stand asparagus on end, tie with ribbon and place a few bunches center table, use pares as place cards, fill small drinking glasses with a flower or two from your yard.  Decoration does not need to be expensive to be brilliant!

Easter Decorating Ideas. Easter Party Ideas

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