full of beans

What better way to celebrate the fresh tart taste of springtime than with those little flavorful, juicy jewels that pack a punch of color and favor. Jelly Beans are not just for eating anymore! They have great uses as decorating accents, craft supplies, food enhancers and even cocktail party fare. If you are a fan of the bean you will enjoy these new ways to use this springtime favorite.

let them shine

Make vibrant arrangements using colorful beans! The beautiful colors of Jelly Beans make fantastic additions to your springtime vases and candles. Use the pastel colors found in Spring Mix for a soft, silky effect. Go for more vibrant hues with the traditional blend or use solid shades for dramatic layering. Place a smaller vase inside the large one to hold flowers then use a funnel to fill the open space in between.

 let them shine img

get crafty with bean candy

Use Jelly Beans as creative craft supplies. Fill plastic bags to make carrots and chicks or thread them together
to make jewelry or napkin rings. This is a great way to keep kids busy for hours! Hold a CRAFT–OFF for the
neighborhood and see all the creative ways to use these pretty little jewels in art projects and home made

Stay True to the Reason for the Season

As kids enjoy spring break make sure they learn why we celebrate Easter. Have them make one or two of these fun to make crosses that will help them learn of our risen Christ and keep little hands busy making meaningful crafts.

Combine Sunday school and the fun flavors of Jelly Beans. Get the kids to make a Jelly Bean poem cross and remembrance bracelet with each color representing Christ’s teaching of the Easter season.

Get the kids to be crafty! Use clothespins in various colors or rustic wood to snap together a beautiful cross that beautifully represents our loving God.

prayer bracelet

cross clothespin
get crafty with bean candy img

chick full of beans

Jelly Beans (divided into 1/3 cups)
Sandwich bags

Large yellow pom-poms

Yellow foam hearts

Wiggle eyes

Scrap of orange felt or foam

Pipe cleaners


Fill one edge of a sandwich bag with 1/3 cup Jelly Beans

Gather excess bag at the top and close with pipe cleaner

Cut off remaining top of bag

Glue one pom-pom to the top of the bag

Place 2 hearts side by side points facing back and glue bag to top of hearts

Cut one heart in half and glue to each side of bag for wings

Glue on eyes

Cut orange felt into triangles and glue on beak

Twist pipe cleaner into a bow tie (can glue mini pom-pom, or bit of foam in center of tie if desired)

tl tip jelly trail

easter basketGet your kids to their Easter baskets using the Easter Bunny Jelly Trail. Place a line of Jelly Beans from their room to an Easter morning surprise. Use different colors for each child, or take them on a REAL HUNT with paths of beans leading to clues they must solve before reaching those coveted Easter treasures.

tl tip jelly trail img

chewy toppers

Kick up the bean from candy snacks to flavorful fold-ins. Their tart and sweet flavor is the perfect accent to foods like morning cereal, trail mix, dried fruit, and ice cream. Don’t be afraid to drop a few into a cup of hot coco! Choose your favorite flavors or go bold and use a fresh and fruity assortment. Jelly Beans add a splash of color and a tasty twang bursting with springtime flavor.

 chewy toppers img

juice up desserts

Enhance springtime sweets with explosions of color! Jelly beans can dress up any dessert you serve. Simply press right into the icing, bake into the batter, fold into fudge, tuck into cookies or fill ice cream cones with this colorful candy. The texture and flavor will spring-up everything you bake, and dress up anything you buy!

 juice up desserts img

TL TIP Beans in Bulk

Shop on line to get the best deals on Jelly Beans in bulk! Websites like www.bulkfoods.com/jellybean.asp will save big from buying at your local candy shops.

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