Hard boiled hunting, to brown speckled majesty; elaborately painted to pleasing pastels; eggs are the quintessential Easter statement.  It can be as easy as leaving white and wonderful, or as showy as hand painted elaborate treasures. Here are a few ideas to crack open a day of springtime happiness.
Easy Elegant Eggs
Allow the simplicity of Easter to dictate your design.  If your holiday includes the traditional coloring of eggs, let them serve as a charming platform to your holiday decorations.  Tuck them into green plants, let them embrace your flower stems, arrange in a large vase with leafs as accents, or simply rest on a pleasing platter that commands attention.
Easter Eggs
Place colored eggs on the ends of candlesticks, position on votive holders, fill a lovely glass jar or simply stack with a few flowers on a pretty pedestal.  Colored, died, painted or plane, eggs are the crowning glory of Easter grace, and an inexpensive way to serve up earthy springtime pleasure.
Easter eggs
TL Tip...
Does your Easter breakfast include soft boiled eggs?  Why not serve them up in a colored shell?  Place beets in cool water and bring to a boil.  Boil rapidly for twenty minutes and reduce to a light simmer.  Gently drop eggs into the red boiling water and cook four minutes, remove eggs from pot with a large slotted spoon.  Run eggs under cold water until cool enough to handle.  Slide into lovely egg cups and you have eggs as beautiful as they are delicious!
Get Creative
Use your Easter eggs as the prime focus of your holiday design.  For a festive alternative to a floral centerpiece make a beautiful egg tree, use candlesticks to hold a lovely robins’ nest, let eggs with initials or names serve as place cards, or nestle into a square of sod to emulate the Easter hunting garden.
Easter arrangements
Use your stemware as table decorations.  Take wine and champagne glasses, turn upside down, place a flower, or an Easter egg underneath.  Position a candle or a single flower on top, (now the bottom of the glass) and you have an inventive way to dress up your table for any celebration for next to nothing!
easter centerpiece
eggs sweet eggs
Use those chocolate and malted milk Easter eggs in your holiday decorations.  Insert pipe cleaners in the end of candy eggs, wedge into a mini pot to form into a tasty tree, fill a glass jar and tie with a pretty ribbon, or fill up the bottom of your floral basket.  Nestle candy eggs around the side of a chocolate bunny for a tasty table treat, or sprinkle a few at the base of your candle holders.
easter eggs
Shape Easter candy to fit around your serving platters.  Place a tray on the table and sprinkle candy around the edge to rest snug against the bottom.  Remove the tray, and when you return the tray filled with your culinary specialties, it will settle right into its assigned table location.
Easter eggs frame
Fabrica-egg-ting Color
There are many alternatives to dipping eggs in colored water.  Stickers and stencils come in a vast array of styles, themes and designs, and they stick great to the clean dry surface of boiled eggs.  Use markers.  Sharpies, felt pens and even highlighters to make beautiful designs.  For a super easy solution invest in some plastic egg covers.  You can use them year after year, and now they come in crazy cute designs!Easter eggs
easter eggs
eco friendly egg dye
It is possible to get lovely color Easter eggs by using all natural ingredients.  Try boiling eggs right with these fruits and vegetables to give them a beautiful tone, chemical free!  Boil up a few batches of colored water, and then let it cool for kids to color eggs just like traditional egg dye.
RED            pomegranate juice, raspberries, caned or bottled cherries
BLUE          blueberries, red cabbage, grape juice
YELLOW    orange peels, lemon peels
PURPLE     red onion skins, concentrated grape juice
PINK           beets, cherries, raspberries
BROWN      coffee, tea (or leave brown eggs au-natural)
Colors vary depending on how long you leave the eggs in the pot to cook, and soak after boiling, or to sit in the colored water.  The longer the eggs make contact with the color, the darker the final shade. Be sure to rinse and dry fresh eggs before dying, and only have a single layer of eggs in the pot if boiling with the fruit, vegetable or juice.  If pre boiling the die water bring ingredients to a boil and let it simmer up to 30 minutes to achieve the deepest hue.
A few ways to use up hard boiled beauties
Diced on salad
Deviled eggs
Scotch eggs
Hindu eggs
Pickled eggs
Beauregard eggs
Boiled egg casserole
Beef & sausage roll
Salmon stuffed eggs
Cabbage mushroom pie
Meatloaf with boiled egg
Chicken & egg liver pate
Hard boiled eggs Benedict
Serve on toast with ham or bacon
Mix with tuna or chicken for sandwich

Like warm hard boiled eggs?   Simply reheat in the microwave

(Peel and slice into egg to prevent exploding!)


Trash Lassies tip


If you are planning to surprise your kids with bunnies, ducks or chicks PLEASE consider it carefully before buying.  Though exciting and fun for the first few days, live animals require much care, special food and housing, financial commitment and responsibility that last LONG after Easter has ended.  Please research before bringing new animal life into your home.  It may take years to discover the final result!!!!

Giant Rabbit