*Monochromatic (tones and shades of a single hue) make small spaces appear larger and provides classic rich style to any room.


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*For more family time, or to maximize conversation areas place furniture toward center of room, away from walls.  This provides a warm and cozy feel to any room.

interior designs

*BOTTOMS UP! Turn vases and glasses upside down to create a stand for candles or single flowers.  Turn beautiful bowls upside down to add lift to serving dishes, flower pots or vases.

cake dish     arrangements for the dinner table       vase or candle holder

*Lateral file cabinets provide easier access and come as beautiful furniture pieces.  When working in limited space always select furniture that does double duty.

filing cabinet   wood filing cabinet   chester drawer

*Room dividers now come in incredible designs and textures and make a grand statement to separate a work area, fill up an empty corner,or simply add fast flair to any room.

room divider   beautiful floral false wall   green false wall - room divider

*Always start by painting a trial section of wall 3-4 shades lighter than you think you would like.  By going too dark too soon it is difficult to cover.  It is always easier to go darker once you have lived with the shade for a day or two.

interior design - paint color          interior design - painting


*Measure twice…. move, or cut, once!   Always measure & re-measure & re-measure to make sure an item will fit in your desired space before moving, or is being cut to the correct size.  Incorrect measurements waste money, materials and muscle!

measuring tape measure spaces

*Save all vases in all shapes, sizes and colors.  You can save money by purchasing loose flowers and self arranging to give as gifts, or mix and match to create a fun and festive look to your table.

vase flower vaseflower vasevaseflower vase

*Never under estimate the value or ribbon!  Ribbon and small strips of fabric can easily be turned into delightful and inexpensive window coverings, shower curtains or wall art.

shower curtain designer curtain ribbon curtain

*Make a SUPER SALE PARTY TUB!  Keep a sturdy container with a well fitting lid and every time you see deep discounts on party supplies stock up!  Fill it with plates, napkins, silk flowers, ribbons and novelties.  The best way to save money is to take advantage when items hit that low dollar mark.  By keeping a SUPER SALE PARTY TUB you’re always ready to celebrate in style!

plastic tub

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