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10 On-Set Secrets HALLOWEEN


Gather the court around your den for feeding as the awakening takes place with one sip of this blood cocktail sure to heighten your guests’ thirst for the real thing!  Rich, red, and as pure as life’s authentic vital fluid, this sweet and tangy taste sensation will produce the ultimate blood bond to all who indulge.  Their lips will tingle and their nostrils ignite as they kiss the rim dripping with thick red plasma.  Don’t run out or you’re sure to be excommunicated from the coven!

That burning sensation is created by Halls Triple action lozenges! 





Don’t throw away those loose pieces of artificial flowers!  Put them to good use turning your pumpkin into a fresh and funky flower face.  Nothing is faster than grabbing a few stray flowers and attaching to your pumpkin to create a truly unique decoration.  Keep it simple with just enough to resemble a jack- or Jill-o-lantern, or completely saturate the pumpkin with a colorful variety of flower fragments.  This is a great party craft idea for kids of all ages.  Gather an assortment of stray floral supplies.  Provide the pumpkins and hot glue guns, and let everyone create their own special flower face.  Keep it absolute flower power with flowers and leaves only, or mix it up with ribbons, beads, and sequins.  This is one playful alternative to the classic carve.






Kick up the nasty by using the most unlikely items as food service devices.  Scout the garage, ravage the old toys and put those stuffed animals to good use!   With a craft knife or jigsaw, and a little imagination, you can turn almost anything into unusual food presentation devices.  Pull heads off plastic animals, hollow out baby doll bellies, or cut openings in specialty toys.  Be sure to clean well before using and line with plastic wrap.  Who says toys must always be toys?  Be creative – and ruthless!



For a super cool twist to a typical Halloween skeleton – BREAK DEM BONES!  Take ordinary skeletons from dull to disfigured by creating a cluster of carnage.  Snap the skeletons at the joints and position the bones on top of each other to imply a mound of human remains.  Use those tools!  Place a saw, hammer, knife, or cleaver in the mix to signify a horrible demise.  Throw in a tattered hat or scarf and some jewelry.  Dribble with blood stained Rosewood Red to indicate aging.  By mixing in a few key pieces (an ax, dirty passport, jewels) you have the makings of a movie scene that will keep your guests guessing all through the evening.  Make your scene the theme of the night and give a prize to the one who comes up with the best story to explain the remains.




Or as we call it…THE PRODUCERS BRAIN!  This Abby Normal fruit presentation is the perfect way to adorn your Halloween table and it’s completely edible!  All you need is a watermelon and a knife and you’re on your way to the perfect brain bleed.  Make a giant centerpiece or have a carving contest during the party.  Give a prize to the guest who can create the best skull in record time. Then carve them up into mini brain bites for a disturbing, yet tasty fruit snack.  Give it a kick in the head by inserting the knife several times deep into the flesh of the melon and dribbling in a clear liquor (vodka, gin, tequila) inebriating the watermelon.  Let it soak up the alcohol for a hard core punch before serving.




On set when we say BEACH IT we are referring to dropping sandbags on the backs of walls, large props, lighting towers, or anything that needs added weight to keep it securely in position.




A giant spider will add just a touch of creepy to any Halloween party.  Kids will love to make this kooky creation they can play with for weeks to come.  You probably have everything you need right in your home to make a big black widow or a room full of eerie little arachnids.  Trash bags and tape or twine is all you need to form the spider, use what you have on hand to stuff the head and body (newspapers, yard leaves, packing popcorn, foam rubber, quilt batting), or stuff with bubble wrap and at the end of Halloween night let the kids stomp him to death!




10  On-Set Secrets – Become a Halloween Expert with Inside Tips & Tricks   

10  In The Know – Fascinating Facts and Inside SCOOP on Film and TV Production

47  Ideas with how to Fantastic Food, Amazing Cocktails, Unique Designs


10 On-Set Secrets HALLOWEEN


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    Emmy winning Director
  • “Stacy’s imagination can take any ordinary party and turn it into a fantasy world.”
    Stefanie Powers
    Emmy winning Actress

  • “The small settings always unique and stylish, the grand scenery always regal and majestic, Glad you are sharing your talent for amazing designs and fantastic parties.”
    Blair Haness
    Executive Producer / Griffin Entertainment

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    Producer / Director / Academy of Magical Arts

  • “Stacy has always amazed me with the originality and creativity of her designs.  From network programs to major special events, her work is always inventive and exceptional.”
    David McKenzie
    Emmy winning Executive Producer / Associated Television