Heidi EnderHeidi Ender is a set stylist for television, film, and special events. She is well known in the industry for creatively mastering any unforeseen need that arises on set. She is as natural in front of the camera as she is setting up the next shot. Heidi has worked as a decorator on dozens of Hollywood programs and special events. With her eye for style and natural creativity she continually excelled at each task and production which quickly elevated her to the top of her field.

Heidi earned the title product specialist by finding solutions to unforeseen production challenges by using everyday household materials; no thread…use dental floss, squeaky drawer…rub with chapstick, scuff marks on leather shoes…buff with toothpaste!

Heidi found her bliss when she was able to marry her hands-on creative ingenuity with her natural talent to entertain when Stacy chose her as a fellow Trash Lassies. Heidi appears on morning shows across the country, gives speeches and demonstrations at woman’s conventions and trade shows and loves to educate and coach others on how to find low cost solutions for expensive home projects.

When not working on set, or traveling on a Trash Lassies tour Heidi is busy at home, shopping yard sales for bargains, remolding a room, refinishing furniture or testing household products for unique uses and applications. Heidi lives in Burbank California with her Husband Tony Nokes, an actor and camera geek, and her two dogs Chili and Pepper.

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Heidi Ender at Race to Erase MS