Group Bio


As professional set decorators for television, film and special events, we work hands-on with Producers to design and dress sets and stages, decorate environments, and adorn ballrooms and tents in specific styles to communicate the theme and carry the spirit of productions and events.  Though we began our careers in extremely low budget programming, without the benefit of assistants, trained staff or common sense budgets, it was imperative to deliver superior results and build a quality reputation.  Desperation breeds innovation and we evolved into decorating MacGyvers.




When not working on productions we run the TRASH LASSIES website, providing creative, affordable solutions to home decorating, party planning, and holiday celebrations.  We appear on morning shows, present in person demonstrations, and write books to educate others on our secret short cuts to exceptional decorating and affordable entertaining.




The TRASH LASSIES non-profit foundation provides free SPIRIT LIFTS to those in need.  We salvage unique scenery, props and building materials from television and film productions and transform these items into inspirational environments for community centers, churches, charities, and families who have experienced financial hardship.


We believe it is not our responsibility to just feed the hungry and heal the ailing, but also to INSPIRE.  Surrounding others with famous furnishings from an industry built on imagination, ignites their desire and fuels their spirit to achieve their own dreams.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

–Semisonic, Closing Time




Too many women feel an overwhelming responsibility to provide perfect homes, throw talk of the town parties, and host unforgettable holidays.  They face immense stress to create a world of perfection for family and friends.  It is our goal to reduce this emotional and financial burden by arming them with time and money saving solutions to life’s ornamental challenges.  We give the gift of our unique design experience, infused with the all knowing truth that even on the most well planned productions, home parties, and events “stuff happens”!  We strive to empower them with our philosophy that PRESENTATION = IMPERFECTION, but that too can deliver spectacular moments.