4 Great Ways to Commemorate Earth Day

4 Great Ways

to Commemorate Earth Day


What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by reducing your home waste.  Here are a few ways to reuse, repurpose and rejoice.  Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to make major reductions in our carbon footprint.  Simply do your part, lend a helping hand and it will all add up to improve our world.  The less you buy, the more you save…both the green planet and green dollars!






Cleaning out you home!  Dig through your closet, cupboards and garage and get rid of what you no longer use.  Pay-it-forward by donating to a worthy organization or up-style what you have into fresh springtime designs.  Use books in place of shelving, teapots and water can make great vases and cluster group and gather bottles and jars to form a lovely springtime centerpiece.


Bottles for flowers  /  Teapot as a vase  /  Old books as shelves

Spring Clean: Bottles for flowers  /  Teapot as a vase  /  Old books as shelves




This month shop resale.  Thrift stores, yard sales and vintage shops hold treasure that will serve you in most unusual ways.  See something you like but don’t need?  Simply think upside down!  Turn cool ice buckets over to support a basket of fruit, use vases and jars as candle boosts or turn that Kitsch end table into an unusual pet bed.  Nothing says you MUST use items in the manor for which they were intended.


End table pet bed

SHOP VINTAGE: End table pet bed




Remove one simple item from your shopping list this month by using what you have.  Unused frames make great serving trays.  Simply remove the picture and wrap fabric around the cardboard backing.  And it’s easy to change the fabric colors and styles to match the season!  Old paper towel holders are great for ribbon stations.  Have lots of empty DVD or CD cases?  Use as a handy storage case for bagels or droughts!


Frame serving tray  /  Paper towel ribbon station  /  CD food container

REPURPOSE: Frame serving tray  /  Paper towel ribbon station  /  CD food container




Let’s get growing!  You can have a great little garden in a small space.  Make one of these easy plant pallets and you can save big this spring and summer by growing your own herbs.  Follow the easy instructions from http://lifeonthebalcony.com/how-to-turn-a-pallet-into-a-garden/ and start enjoying the benefits of home grown taste.



Plant Pallet



EVERYDAY is a form of Earth Day at Trash Lassies!  Simply respond to what comes into your path; pick up paper or trash lying at your feet, feed birds, and repurpose what you have into something that you need.  Get creative and always think outside the box to help save the circle!