4 great ways to celebrate memorial day

Memorial Day was created to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen military heroes, but it has blossomed into a modern day way to officially kick-off summer. Stay true to tradition and celebrate the season as you blend history with modern to celebrate and commemorate!

military yard party

Go all out Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard

*Use branch colors and logos

*Ask guests to dress the part

*Decorate with memorabilia


BBQs are a big way to celebrate Memorial Day so elevate the gathering with fun and festive military style. Hang some pennants or branch flags. Wrap ice buckets or ice chests in red, white & blue. Go authentic U.S.A. with official military décor or ask the gang to dress in uniform or old-school USO attire.

military yard party



Honor family, friends and all those who sacrificed by using their personal mementos.

*Shadowbox flag

*Historic military photos

*Grunt gear as table style


NEVER FORGET! It can be as simple as using a loved ones memorial flag as the table centerpiece or displaying pictures of family and friends who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Have a few authentic keep sakes from military days? Turn them into Memorial Day style by using helmets and caps to hold flowers, table wear or chips! Dress the serving table with camo, fill boots with potted plants and use canteens to dispense BBQ sauce or condiments.

remember fallen heroes



Enjoy Military themed films that will stir your patriotism.

*Cook up some SOS

*Serve nostalgic theatre candy

*Chill old fashioned bottled soda pop


From historic classics; The Bridge on the River Kwai, Patton, The Great Escape, to modern marvels; Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Glory, a day of military action is a wonderful way to honor those who fought for our country. Tie it together with family history and watch films that reflect the era in which you or loved ones have served.

host a military movie day



Reach out, lend a hand, give back.

*Visit a National Cemetery

*Donate to a military charity

*Visit a Veteran’s hospital


Nothing says you must stay home and BBQ! Use the day to give a little to those who have given so much. Take a hand full of inexpensive flags to place on veterans’ graves, stop in and say HELLO & THANK YOU to those recovering from war injuries, see a man or woman in uniform…buy them a cup of coffee or a meal. Donate to a veterans’ charity or give household items you no longer need. A little effort goes a long way to say you appreciate the sacrifice of those who serve.

simply show your support


military dogs