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      Follow this Trash Lassie Halloween shopping guide to save you time and money! 

First SCOUT YOUR HOUSE!  Check your closet, garage, kid’s toy chest, you’ll be surprised what you will find right at home that will augment your Halloween party and enhance the theme.  Then look for these decorating staples in discount bins, at yard sales and thrift stores as well as on line.  By using these tricks of the trade to stretch the scene you will be able to present your Halloween BEST FOR LESS!


1)    MATERIAL: Black fabric / Halloween pattern material / White sheets and tablecloths

2)    CANDLE STICKS:  Aged candle holders / Lanterns / Candelabra

3)    ARTFUL ARTICLES: Antique Books / Old Halloween masks and costumes / Vintage knickknacks / Black & white pictures / Mirrors / Jewelry boxes / Costume jewelry

4)    SERVING CONTAINERS:  Black & orange bowls, glasses, plates, platters, vases

5)    FLORAL FILLERS:  Flowers, leaves, berries, pods in autumn colors, gray or black

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